Acorn in the MossHappy New YearMerry Christmas !Appenzell Mountain ViewViews from former TimesConeflowerButterfly in sunlightBlack Forest LiveDelicious CloverFlowering Apple TreeColors of SpringBringing SpringBirds Twittering = Spring ???Spring is to come IIISpring is to come IISpring is to come IStill Winter IIStill Winter IBrumal XIIBrumal XIBrumal XBrumal IXBrumal VIIIBrumal VIIBrumal VIBrumal VBrumal IVBrumal IIIBrumal IIBrumal IWintertimeLeafless IVLeafless IIILeafless IILeafless IAren´t they sweet ?Starting New YearMerry ChristmasAutemn meets Winter XIIAutemn meets Winter XIAutemn meets Winter XAutemn meets Winter IXAutemn meets Winter VIIIAutemn meets Winter VIIAutemn meets Winter VIAutemn meets Winter VAutemn meets Winter IVAutemn meets Winter IIIAutemn meets Winter IIAutemn meets Winter IWinter passes by ... IIWinter passes by ...Dartington XIIDartington XIDartington XDartington IXDartington VIIIDartington VIIDartington VIDartington VDartington IVDartington IIIDartington IIDartington IBroad-bodied chaser in the sunSpeyer - GedächtniskircheCherry BlossomBeetle on the GroundFinally Spring VFinally Spring IVFinally Spring IIIFinally Spring IIFinally Spring IMore from Scotland XXIIMore from Scotland XXIMore from Scotland XXMore from Scotland XIXMore from Scotland XVIIIMore from Scotland XVIIMore from Scotland XVIStill WinterWithout TitleSpring meets WinterSerpentineWindow XWindow IXWindow VIIIWindow VIIWindow VIWindow VWindow IVWindow IIIFrozen ...Window IIWindowBlack Forest Winter 2012 - Self Potrait 2Black Forest Winter 2012 - Self Potrait 1Winter 2012 in the Black Forest 6Winter 2012 in the Black Forest 5Winter 2012 in the Black Forest 4Winter 2012 in the Black Forest 3Winter 2012 in the Black Forest 2Winter 2012 in the Black ForestMore from Scotland XVMore from Scotland XIVMore from Scotland XIIIMore from Scotland XIIMore from Scotland XIMore from Scotland XMore from Scotland IXMore from Scotland VIIIMore from Scotland VIIMore from Scotland VIMore from Scotland VMore from Scotland IVMore from Scotland IIIMore from Scotland IIMore from Scotland IWaterWalk in the Snow IIBlack Forest WinterWalk in the SnowMerry ChristmasCollegiate Church Landau IIICollegiate Church Landau in sunset light IICollegiate Church Landau in sunset lightAt the Christmas MarketPanta RheiAutumnal Light is beautifulColours of FallTrees with a CowAutemn with a SpindleSea of Fog in the Rhine ValleyView to the FeldbergAbove the Clouds ...Autumnal LeavesAutemn in StuttgartView to Kerrera from ObanOban PanoramaOban and the rest of Katia (13SEP2011)Oban Single MaltScottish Weather in ObanHaggis at Grassmarket in EdinburghEdinburgh XI - (Open Air Bagpipe)Edinburgh X - (St. Giles Cathedral)Edinburgh IX - (St. Giles Cathedral)Edinburgh VIII - (St. Giles Cathedral)Edinburgh VII - (Nemo me impune lacessit)Edinburgh VI (Castle Panorama)Edinburgh V (Scottish Parliament)Edinburgh IV (Wedding Car)Edinburgh III (Usher Hall)Edinburgh II (St. Michael&All Saints)Edinburgh IAutemn - Scotland Pictures coming soonI´m having a Break - in ScotlandBlack Forest BrookWetted Sleeping BeautySilver Thistle in Front of Blue SkyView of the Alps from Feldberg (1493m) in the Black ForestA Visit in Basel VIA Visit in Basel VA Visit in Basel IVA Visit in Basel IIIA Visit in Basel IIA Visit in Basel IIn the MorningPanta RheiSummer RosesBright RoseChurch of KirchhofenStaircase in townhall of BaselLost IILost ISummer PanoramaSummer in the Black ForestWillowherbTake-offFoxgloveMarigoldClosed MarigoldDresden Panorama IVDresden Panorama IIIDresden Panorama IIDresden PanoramaDresden Frauenkirche VIIDresden Frauenkirche VIDresden Frauenkirche VDresden Frauenkirche IVDresden Frauenkirche IIIDresden Frauenkirche IIDresden - FrauenkircheStill the Meadow in SpringYellow again ...Between the FlowersMeadow in SpringWood - the HDR SourceColorkey WoodEven more wood ...Wood, wood, woodMy TreePerfect Yellow 2Perfect YellowApple BlossomBehind the FenceEven more hopeIn Hope for CherriesHumming AirThe Sun is shining ...Thin Ice - Winter is overSpring in the Garden III (Solarisation)Spring in the Garden IISpring in the Garden ILightsFreiburg Baroque : J. Ch. Wentzinger XIIFreiburg Baroque : J. Ch. Wentzinger XIFreiburg Baroque : J. Ch. Wentzinger XFreiburg Baroque : J. Ch. Wentzinger IXFreiburg Baroque : J. Ch. Wentzinger VIIIFreiburg Baroque : J. Ch. Wentzinger VIIFreiburg Baroque : J. Ch. Wentzinger VIFreiburg Baroque : J. Ch. Wentzinger VFreiburg Baroque : J. Ch. Wentzinger IVFreiburg Baroque : J. Ch. Wentzinger IIIFreiburg Baroque : J. Ch. Wentzinger IIFreiburg Baroque : J. Ch. Wentzinger IHamamelisBlooming Hazelnut (♀)Blooming Hazelnut  (♂)Sunny Winter Day VISunny Winter Day IVSunny Winter Day VSunny Winter Day IIIThe Ice is meltingWinter DawnSunny Winter Day IISunny Winter Day IWinterly BrookSad Moments - but there is HopeWinter EveningSnow DisappearingShelterWinter in the Black ForestSecureBranchesLightenedOutside the Front Door III - The Stone TroughOutside the Front Door II - Hen and ChickensOutside the Front Door I - The CarA cold start into 2011Christmas Time in Colmar VIIChristmas Time in Colmar VIChristmas Time in Colmar VChristmas Time in Colmar IVChristmas Time in Colmar IIIChristmas Time in Colmar IIChristmas Time in Colmar IMerry ChristmasWhat time is it ?Snowy TramWhere is my Car ?Who is sitting here ...Heavy SnowfallZurich Main Station à la WarholChristmas Tree Zurich Main StationZurich Main StationEagle OwlLate RoseWinter is coming IVWinter is coming IIIWinter is coming IIWinter is coming IChristmas is comingLow sun in the railway station IIILow sun in the railway station IILow sun in the railway stationZurich Airport in Autemn IIIZurich Airport in Autemn IIZurich Airport in Autemn IStuttgart in AutemnFall is here ...Stuttgart21 DinoStuttgart21 à la Andy WarholA Cupola in StuttgartNo CommentAbbey of SchaeftlarnLookoutMusic in the parkChurch spire XIIChurch spire XIChurch spire XWild orchid after rainPeony in HDRLupins à la Andy WarholQuaking GrassBroom blossomBlossom à la Andy WarholCarpet of blossomsIris à la Roy LichtensteinBeetle on chive blossomHairy ...In our garden VIIIIn our garden VIIIn our garden VIIn our garden VIn our garden IVIn our garden IIIIn our garden IIIn our garden IStreet art in Freiburg VIStreet art in Freiburg VStreet art in Freiburg IVStreet art in Freiburg IIIStreet art in Freiburg IIStreet art in Freiburg IInvitingSpring in the vineyard XSpring in the vineyard IXSpring in the vineyard VIIISpring in the vineyard VIISpring in the vineyard VISpring in the vineyard VSpring in the vineyard IVSpring in the vineyard IIISpring in the vineyard IISpring in the vineyard IMy address : a wall in the vineyardWhat´s this ?Bathing in pollenKeep the BalanceThey are back again ...Pear BlossomApricot BlossomAnother Cornel CherryCornel CherryHappy EasterWitch HazelAnother Red Currant BudFragrant ViburnumCherry BudsAnother lichenMore crocusesCrocus in the sunRed Currant BudGooseberry BudsRaspberry BudBeard lichenLonely marksCovered with snow again ...I´m still here ...Xynthia and the consequencesWinter treeTrack in the snowOutside in the snowWinter in the Black ForestThe Black Forest is WhiteI don´t mind the snowThe colours take a rest VIIIThe colours take a rest VIIThe colours take a rest VIThe colours take a rest VThe colours take a rest IVThe colours take a rest IIIThe colours take a rest IIThe colours take a rest IZurich Main Station in WinterFor Arnd... with a wing beat into 20102009 is over ...Christmas RealityMerry ChristmasTrack chaos with red dotsZurich main station with ICEIn the morning at the railway stationBlue hour in FreiburgGolden evening sunStill life with last grapesStill life with half a wild appleStill life with wild appleAutemn in the Black ForestSchafberg near Wildhaus (Switzerland)Cross spiderSedumEyebrightGentianLake Gräppelen (Switzerland)The first snow IIIMetallic beetleThe first snow IIGrasshopper piggybackThe first snowLast sunbeams at Basel Swiss station IIIPasture fenceLast sunbeams at Basel Swiss station IILichensLast sunbeams at Basel Swiss stationSmall tortoiseshellStill life with beechnutChäserugg (Churfirsten - Switzerland)Still life with tomatoBell flower with a visitorGentianView from the ChurfirstenCottage pinkSchwendiseePeatland meadowWillow GentianWater lilies in the SchwendiseeChurfirsten (canton St. Gallen / Switzerland)A blueBasel Swiss Station IIIBasel Swiss Station IIBasel Swiss Station IStill life with plumStill life with raspberryGraffiti in Stuttgart IVGraffiti in Stuttgart IIIGraffiti in Stuttgart IIGraffiti in Stuttgart IGraffiti in ZurichThe originalWasp spiderChasselas grapesChasselas 2009Mallow IVMallow IIIMallow IIMallow IFull moonWhats this ???PhloxAutemn is not far away any moreSouthern Hawker IIChicory flowerEven comfrey is worth a visitPenalty !The banners come in - it's time to start the match The spectators are ready ...Mercedes Benz Arena StuttgartBicycles, bicycles, bicycles, ...Silver-washed FritillaryPainted LadyRed AdmiralSun and summer does also mean sunflowersMorning sun near the Freiburg railway stationFirst sunbeams on the mountain topCottage gardenWithout words ...Mick Jagger in ZurichSouthern Hawker saved from being drownedHuge cloudsUp, up in the skyA fly on redRefreshment before the flightA different sunsetI'm called Chimney SweeperLook at me sweet butterflyI am thirstyStill life with little tomatoStill life with blueberryLike red Japanes lanternsThe visit of a yarrowEven ants know what is beautifulSmall beautyTwinkle, twinkle - this eye is very specialBackyard in ColmarRare backlightStill life with redcurrantI think - therefore I amSmall can also be beautifulVisit of a lupineLazy and tiredSpecial cloudsSummer ?Blue - Green - RedStill life with cherryDeliciousAzure DragonflySunset in the Black ForestGraffitiAn always beautiful kind of a redAnother visitor ...Visit of a peonySage is stressfulDon´t you think I´m feathery ?Iron pumpThe red dormerA sunny day at the river LahnA beautiful little churchIn the middle of the Rhine : Pfalzgrafenstein castleHiking at the RhineI am very snoopyChurch spire IXI have heavy legsVine IVVine IIChurch spire VIIIA funny roofVine IA nice gothic church towerBeautiful vaultChurch spire VIIThe minster of ArnsteinA Mosel bridge in KoblenzA nice tour on a riverDon´t you think I´m looking toxic ?IrisFresh greenRose VInteresting architectureA lot of tracks and trains seen from above IIA lot of tracks and trains seen from above IRose IVWhat´s this ?Still coiled upGingkoWhite orchidRose IIIRose IIRose IAttention - under constructionModern architecture IISkyline of Frankfurt ISkyline of Frankfurt IIModern architecture IChurch spire VIZDF Mainz LerchenbergLights off - spot onFasnacht fountain of MainzChurch spire VThe burning thornbushPlease put the letters hereWhere is the wind coming from ?Church spire IVDevil´s preyChurch spire IIISpring climbs up the mountainsLate rapeThe Witch Tower of IdsteinGreen cornGraffitiChurch spire IIChurch spire IIlluminated CloudsHeavy ShowerI am hungrySmall but niceDon´t you think I´m beautiful ?Green and BlueGreen and Blue IIHopp SchwiizYellowFreiburg in the evening lightWhat a redColourationColoursCherry BlossomTracks and dandelionHappy EasterFrogI am so tiredICE GraffitiBright lightBig wheelsThe MoonHold tight during the nightLast glowWhat a muddle of tracksLanterns at Basel FasnachtRäppliBasel FasnachtSchiibeschlageKrüzsteinschreckBlack Forest house in winter"Guggen" musician in actionEarly morning at the SchauinslandSunrise in winterWinter sunThe new stadium of Hoffenheim all in blueRainbowFrosty brookFrozenFrozen tiresFrozen beautyFreshly cut treeWinter in the Weilersbach ValleyLittle church in the winter sunWhat time is it ?Perfect match of stonesChristmas time in Bad WimpfenSunset at DuttenbergHopp Schwiiz - TürkiyeIn Hope for Cherries