About Photonade


The categories of the photos in Photonade are plants and animals, the phenomenons of nature, the beauty of landscapes and architecture, but also again and again little details. Besides taking and presenting photos I am also fascinated by the HDR technology and creating a panorama by stitching a series of photos.

Comments about the photos are most welcome.

Your questions I am glad to answer via email to webmaster@photonade.com.

My Photographic Vita

My first "camera" in the 1960s looked more like a box with a hole and a button to open the hole for a certain time. The result have been black'n white paper photos.

Since the 1980s I documented my impressions using a (analog) SLR camera on colour diapositive films and colour negative films.

About 2005 I arrived in the digital times of photography and enjoy again and again the possibilities I have with my DSLR camera.

My actual equipment

Always ready for snapshots

Canon IXUS 970IS

If it should not only be snapshots

Pentax K5 / K10D with these lenses:
  • Pentax-DA 1:4(22) 16-45mm
  • Sigma 1:2.8 EX DG MACRO 105mm
  • Tamron 1:4-5.6 70-300mm TELE-MACRO (1:2)